November 4, 2020

Grant writing

Grant writing is intensive work because it must present cutting-edge, ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting ideas. The thinking and synthesis of years of research and long-term dreams for the future of the nation and the world must be packaged into a small number of pages that outline a feasible and cost-effective solution to a 'wicked' problem. I have been honoured to intensively take the past few months to coalesce my grand vision into a grant application. I have had the ear of many senior and trusted colleagues in CSU, across Australia and the world to challenge my thinking, hone my explanations, and assist me to generate the best possible use of grant funds to make a difference in children's lives. The grant I have submitted had a 9.6% success rate last year. Now it is over to the assessors and grant body to consider my "grand vision".

Executive Dean John McDonald - who had weekly mentoring meetings with me

Lee Williamson, grants mentor

Annette Harris from the CSU Research Office