November 19, 2020

Impact - The Informed SLP blogpost about Crowe & McLeod (2020)

 The Informed SLP has written another blogpost about our work

This time it is titled "The Not-New Speech Norms Part 2: An American Tale". The byline is "Say hello to the: Early 13, Middle 7, and Late 4?!"

Flash forward to the present day. This intrepid team of researchers is back with another review, summarizing all the consonant acquisition data (15 studies of 18,907 children) specific to US English. So for any skeptics who thought the 2018 results were skewed by encompassing data from multiple countries... sadly no. Actually, a few sounds show up earlier than in the first study.
Bid a fond farewell to the Early/Middle/Late 8, and say hello to the new (if less handy to remember):
Early 13: /b, p, n, m, d, h, w, t, k, ɡ, f, ŋ, j/ (Age 2–3)
Middle 7: /v, ʤ, l, ʧ, s, ʃ, z/ (Age 4)
Late 4: /ʒ, ɹ, ð, θ/ (Age 5–6)

The blogpost relates to this article we have written:

Crowe, K., & McLeod, S. (2020). Children's English consonant acquisition in the United States: A review. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Advance online publication.