May 21, 2014

Best paper and poster at the Speech Pathology Australia National Conference!

Congratulations Sarah Verdon and Sarah Masso on being awarded best student paper and poster prizes at the Speech Pathology Australia National Conference!
The prizes were as follows:
Best paper prize (1 prize)
  • Sarah Verdon, Sharynne McLeod, and Adam Winsler -  Language diversity, maintenance, and loss: A population study of young Australian children
Best poster prizes (4 prizes)
  • Sarah Masso, Elise Baker, Sharynne McLeod, and Jane McCormack - Assessment of phonological awareness in children with speech sound disorders: A systematic review
  • Jessica Andrianakis, Angela Ruzzene, Theresa Bowditch, Tanya Gillver, Jane Feutrill, Stephen Woods, Lina Breik, Vince Lavery, Liz Batsoukas, Monica Polimeni, Paul Le Ceve, Leanne Mills - Implementation of protected mealtimes in a sub-acute inpatient setting
There were over 750 attendees and a packed conference program with 6+ concurrent sessions on each of the three days. What a great way to end the conference with my PhD students being recognised for the quality of their contributions to the program.
Diane Jacobs (SPA conference chair), Jessica Andrianakis (best poster), Sarah Verdon (best paper), Sharynne McLeod (on behalf of Sarah Masso, best poster)