May 19, 2014

Speech Pathology Australia National Conference

The Speech Pathology Australia National Conference is being held in Melbourne this week. Here are the presentations being made by my PhD students and myself:

  • Hopf, S. C. & McLeod, S. (2014, May). Multilingual Fiji: A comparison of Bauan Fijian, Fiji Hindi and Fiji English.
  • Masso, S., Baker, E., McLeod, S., & McCormack, J. (2014, May). Assessment of phonological awareness in children with speech sound disorders: A systematic overview. Poster.
  • McLeod, S. (2014, May). Intelligibility in Context Scale: Translation, validation, and norming of a parent-report screening tool.
  • Verdon, S., McLeod, S., & Winsler, A. (2014, May). Language diversity, maintenance, and loss: A population study of young Australian children
  • Verdon, S. & McLeod, S. (2014, May). Intergenerational exchange and maintenance of language among Australian Indigenous children
  • Suzanne Hopf's presentation
  • Jo Wood (SPA), Dr Anna Copley (UQ), Sharynne celebrating the International Communication Project

    Diane Jacobs (ACU), Prof Sue Roulstone (UWE), Nicole Limbrick, Sharynne (CSU)
    Sarah Masso's poster presentation