March 6, 2015

Australian Children's Commissioner comes to Bathurst

Last night, Megan Mitchell, the National Children's Commissioner spoke in Bathurst. She outlined the importance of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (signed by Australia in 1990) and the four guiding principles of the Convention
  1. Non-descrimination (Article 1)
  2. Best interests of the child (Article 3)
  3. Survival, development and protection (Article 6)
  4. A voice (Article 12)
Much of the work that my students and I undertake refers back to these guiding principles (especially 4).
She stated that a good advocate for children is:
  • Child-centred
  • Helpful
  • Informed
  • Loud
  • Determined   
Her presentation was followed by a panel discussion
National Children's Commissioner in Bathurst