March 21, 2015

Introduction to Speech, Language, and Literacy - Oxford University Press

Today Jane McCormack and I submitted the final version of Introduction to Speech, Language, and Literacy to Oxford University Press - ready for publication. Here is the chapter line-up:

Chapter 1: What is speech, language, and literacy?
Sharynne McLeod and Jane McCormack
Chapter 2: Sociolinguistic environments of speech, language, and literacy
Catherine Easton and Jane McCormack
Chapter 3: Speech: Phonetics
 Felicity Cox and Sharynne McLeod
Chapter 4: Speech: Phonology
Sarah Masso and Elise Baker
Chapter 5: Language: Semantics
Natalie Munro and Karla McGregor
Chapter 6: Language: Morphology
Katherine Demuth, Kelly Miles, Sithembinkosi Dube, and Ekaterina Tomas
Chapter 7: Language: Syntax
Rosalind Thornton
Chapter 8: Language: Discourse and pragmatics
Alison Ferguson and Elizabeth Spencer
Chapter 9: Literacy: Reading
Sarah H. McDonagh
Chapter 10: Literacy: Writing
Noella M. Mackenzie and Janet Scull
Chapter 11: Cognitive basis for speech, language, and literacy
Karen Smith-Lock and Lyndsey Nickels
Chapter 12: Neurobiological basis for speech, language, and literacy
Angela Morgan and Frédérique J. Liégeois
Chapter 13: Interaction between speech, language, and literacy
Suze Leitão
Professor Alison Ferguson (chapter 8) and Sharynne
discussing the submission of the book