March 23, 2015

NSW/ACT Young Achievers Award for Science Leadership

This weekend Sarah Verdon learned that she has won the NSW/ACT Young Achievers Award for Science Leadership for 2014! The CSU media release is here. Here is the description of Sarah's achievement as a finalist on the Young Achievers' website:
Sarah Verdon, 27 of The Rock is a dynamic speech pathologist and educator who is passionate about creating equality and embracing diversity. A PhD student at Charles Sturt University Sarah’s doctoral research is entitled Embracing Diversity, Creating Equality. The research supports the speech, language and communication of culturally and linguistically diverse children. Her thesis contains five different research projects (both quantitative and qualitative) resulting in nine research papers and multiple oral presentations at international conferences. Sarah also received the 2015 Endeavour Research Fellowship to undertake a project she designed to support the speech, language and literacy development of children in Fiji… Congratulations Sarah Verdon.