May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers' Day

Today was Mothers' Day in Australia.
I celebrated with my family, and one of my PhD "daughters" and her family.
Here is a lovely message from our Head of Campus to celebrate the day.
Dear Colleagues,
Without mothers we will not be here. Mothers’ love, hard work, dedication, care, nurturing spirit, and patience have raised generations of human civilisation. I would therefore like to use this month of May which is dedicated to mothers, to thank you for your kindness to humanity and loving contributions to and in our lives. As a community we celebrate you. We honour you, and we wish all CSU Mums and expecting mums, a wonderful loving and happy mothers’ day celebration.
Chika Anyanwu, PhD, FGLF
Head of Campus, Bathurst, Charles Sturt University

A lovely Mothers' Day message from Ben