May 29, 2017

Speech Pathology Australia National Conference

This week the Speech Pathology Australia National Conference is being held in Sydney. There are 1,029 delegates from every state in Australia and all over the world and 255 presentations.
Sharynne, Nicole McGill, Ben Pham, Anna Cronin, Helen Blake, Sarah Masso, Sarah Verdon, Suzanne Hopf
Here are the papers presented by my students and postdocs:
  1. Optimal management of toddlers with cleft palate: Insights from a Churchill Fellowship across four continents - Anna Cronin
  2. Methods for assessing and analysing children's productions of polysyllables: Interpreting pasgetti and hitepopemus - Sarah Masso, Elise Baker, Sharynne McLeod 
  3. Intelligibility ratings by parents of children with and without speech sound disorders - Anniek van Doornik-van der Zee, Hayo Terband, Ellen Gerrits, Sharynne McLeod 
  4. Characteristics of multilingual speakers seeking intelligibility enhancement in English - Helen Blake, Sharynne McLeod 
  5. Consonant acquisition by 26,008 children in 31 countries across 27 languages - Sharynne McLeod, Kathryn Crowe 
  6. Intelligibility in Context Scale: Validation and norming with Vietnamese-speaking preschoolers in Northern Vietnam - Ben Phạm, Sharynne McLeod, Linda Harrison 
  7. Oral English proficiency, participation and self-sufficiency in Australian Humanitarian migrants - Helen Blake, Laura Bennetts Kneebone, Sharynne McLeod 
  8. Fijian community members’ beliefs and help-seeking behaviours regarding communication disability- Suzanne Hopf, Sharynne McLeod, Sarah McDonagh, Epenisa Rakanace 
  9. Innovations and evidence-based practice for working in a culturally and linguistically diverse society - Sarah Verdon, Katie Walker-Smith, Suzanne Hopf, Sharynne McLeod, Chyrisse Heine, Katrina Webster, Ben Pham, Anne Huang, Rita Basso, Helen Blake, Kate Crowe, Hilary Armstrong 
  10. Speech pathology referrals project: Animation for education - Nicole McGill 

Anna Cronin presented a paper on her Churchill Fellowship
The audience for Anna Cronin's presentation on her Churchill Fellowship
Anniek and Sharynne at the Sydney Convention Centre
Nicole McGill presented an e-poster on work she undertook before her PhD
Ben Pham  presented her first English-language paper at the SPA conference
Helen Blake presented two papers from her PhD at the SPA conference
Suzanne Hopf presented a paper based on her PhD community survey of Fijians
Sarah Masso presented a paper summarising her PhD  analysis of polysyllables
Anniek van Doornik - van der Zee presented a paper based on her PhD in The Netherlands