August 8, 2013

Children’s speech development in many languages: Strategies for telling the world what we have learned

On 9th August I will present an invited paper titled "Children’s speech development in many languages: Strategies for telling the world what we have learned" to the Knowledge Mobilization for an International Crosslinguistic Study of Children's Speech Development Meeting at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
Here is the abstract:
This presentation will outline lessons learned from a 4-year research fellowship titled “Speaking my languages: Multilingual speech acquisition in Australia”. The aims of this fellowship were to: describe Australian children’s multilingualism, consider the association between multilingualism and communication impairment, review and re-imagine international speech-language pathology practices for working with multilingual children, and develop resources for the assessment of multilingual children. Knowledge translation has been an important component of this research. Traditional knowledge translation strategies have included dissemination within books, book chapters, journal articles, and conference presentations. The Multilingual Children’s Speech website ( was created via collaboration with researchers from around the world and includes free resources for speech-language pathologists. Additionally, knowledge translation has been enhanced by using: radio, newspapers, Twitter, blogs, listservs, emails, handouts, and conversations. Participants will be invited to reflect on how knowledge translation strategies can be used to tell the world about the International Crosslinguistic Study of Children’s Speech Development.
Here are some of the weblinks that will support my presentation.
Recent publications
Multilingual Children's Speech website
Special issues of the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology