August 29, 2013

IJSLP issue on World Report on Disability promoted at IALP

 During the IALP congress, the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology's scientific forum on the World Report on Disability (WRD) was profiled (see here for more details about the issue). The authors of the lead article (Karen Wylie, Lindy McAllister, Bronwyn Davidson, and Julie Marshall) presented two seminars based on the issue, there was a special IALP report on the WRD, and issues of IJSLP were given out for free (hard copy or electronically) to the IALP participants as well.
Lead authors on the WRD scientific forum:
Julie Marshall (UK), Bronwyn Davidson (Australia), Lindy McAllister (Australia), Karen Wylie (Ghana)
Authors on the IJSLP WRD scientific forum from Australia, UK, South Africa, USA, and Ghana
Sharynne McLeod (Editor of IJSLP) with Caroline Purslow (informa) at IALP in Turin, Italy