August 25, 2013

International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics World Congress in Italy

This week I am attending the 29th World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, in Turin, Italy. There are over 900 delegates attending from around the world. 
Australian and US delegates at IALP
I am chairing four sessions and presenting the following papers:

  1. McLeod, S. Educating SLPs: Building researchers in Australia. Invited presentation in seminar titled Educating SLPs: Different experiences in building researchers.
  2. Crowe K. & McLeod, S. A systematic review of the outcomes of children with hearing loss who use languages other than English
  3. Verdon, S. & McLeod, S. Supporting multilingual children with speech sound disorders: People, practicalities, and policy.

The following papers will be presented in a 2 hour seminar titled Multilingual children’s speech, language, and hearing
  1. McLeod, S., Verdon, S., Bowen, C., International Expert Panel on Mutlilingual Children’s Speech Multilingual children with speech sound disorders: Creation of a position paper by an international expert panel.
  2. Crowe, K., McLeod, S., McKinnon, D. H., Fordham, L., & Ching, T. Y. C. Multilingual children with hearing loss: Factors influencing parents' choice regarding speech, sign, or multilingualism.
  3. Washington, K. N., McLeod, S., Samms-Vaughan, M. & Devonish, H. Considerations during speech and language assessment for bidialectal children in Jamaica.
  4. Verdon, S. & McLeod, S. Patterns of language acquisition, usage, and loss in young multilingual children.
  5. McLeod, S. Quantifying multilingual children's speech across 30 languages: Intelligibility in Context Scale. 
  6. Sam Harding (UK), Carol Westby (US), Sarah Masso (Australia), & Sue Roulstone (UK)