August 9, 2013

International meeting about speech development at University of British Columbia, Canada

This week I attended a meeting titled: Knowledge Mobilization for an International Crosslinguistic Study of Children's Speech Development, held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. The meeting, lead by Professors May Bernhardt and Joe Stemberger has brought together 60 people from across the globe who have been involved in an international study of children's speech development.

The meeting commenced with an international dinner and musical presentations from around the world including First Nations songs, Slovenian dancing, Appalachian fiddle music, English clogging, songs sung in Spanish,  Portuguese, and Slovenian, and Japanese and Australian children's songs. 

The week has included interesting presentations about children's acquisition of Icelandic, Slovenian, French (Manatoba, Quebec, European), Portuguese, Spanish (Spain, Chile, Mexico), Japanese, Korean, Arabic (Kuwait), and German. We learned to apply Phon, speech analysis software to our data (see additional blog entry). I presented an invited session on knowledge mobilization based on my Future Fellowship in a session on dissemination of knowledge. The meeting concluded with clinical applications of the shared international speech data.
Conxita Lleo (University of Hamburg), May Bernhardt (UBC), Sharynne McLeod, Joe Stemberger (UBC)
International Crosslinguistic Study of Children's Speech Development group

Martina Ozbič and Damjana Kogovšek from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenian dancing at the welcome dinner
Hadeel Ayyad (Kuwait University) presenting a paper about Kuwaiti Arabic preschoolers' speech
Sharynne and Þóra Másdóttir (The National Hearing and Speech Institute of Iceland)